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Social Media Management

Skilled Social Media Management

Expertise in social media management enable of organizations  of all sizes focus on the correct market for their purposes.

Archive explicit groups and niche markets.

Social media is essentially about community, as it provides channels of communication within interest groups and particular audience demographics.

Building community networks is what these platforms do well.

You can bypass the traditional media channels and there is no longer a complete reliance on these for publicity.

Are you making optimal use of your social media opportunities?

Giraldo Designs offers social media management across all the main networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and have detailed insight into their content distribution algorithms.

As with all our offerings we make a  social strategy in line with your social goals,  publishing guidelines and as part of an overarching content strategy.

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How Social Media Works

Nowadays customers are so highly affected  by what they read on social media.

For most of them  social media like Facebook or Instagram is the  main source of news.

Using different social media applications to communicate with your target audience and making your hashtag count will make you different from your competitors in the deep ocean of the social media world.

By strategically communicating to the online audience through blogs, Facebook and Instagram, Giraldo’s Graphic Design Agency can capture an audience and build an online community that advocates your brand.

Whether it’s ‘checking in’, ‘tweeting’, providing reviews, competitions, or applications, Polkadot Communications’ social media team strategises the best online communication tool for your target audience that keeps them hooked and coming back for more, therefore, boosting engagement and sales.

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Social Media Management in Philadelphia

 Our social media management includes:
– posting
-moderation competitions
– hashtag monitoring
– social listening
-remarketing to your current clients database.

Detailed reporting is provided with segmented pre and post-campaign analytics outlining your social footprint including reach influence.

Given social media’s inherent content distribution nature, we also advise on and create an interesting content for social media.

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